Caring in exceptional situations: Hotel Salud

Case Study Submitted by: Nuria Romero Aguilar, Institito Catalan de la Salud
Country: Spain

Since August 2020, the SB plaza Europa hotel in the municipality of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat (near Barcelona) has been transformed into a health hotel, “Hotel Salud”, for people with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 and are in a vulnerable social situation that prevents or hinders proper isolation at home. The majority of these are people with precarious housing situations or who live in multi-share flats.

A multidisciplinary team of nurses, auxiliary nursing care technicians, family doctor, social worker and administrative staff work at Hotel Salud, together with hotel personnel such as cooks, cleaners and security staff.

The detection and referral of cases are carried out by health service providers in the hotel’s catchment areas. Patients or families who, due to their personal situation, are candidates for admission are then assessed jointly by the social worker and the hotel nurse according to the established admission criteria.

Nurses play a leadership role in monitoring the evolution of patients’ health either in person or by phone using standardized care plans. If necessary, the nurses coordinate with other health and social care professionals who are working with the patient. If an assessment by another level of care is required, the nurses make a referral, ensuring continuity of care. In the case of minors, there is also a procedure agreed upon with the referral hospital and social services. Throughout the healthcare process, patient safety is considered of the utmost importance and protocols are in place upon admission and discharge, with particular attention paid to hospital transitions and other services.

As of 31 November 2020, a total of 460 patients ranging in age from 2 months to 87 years have been admitted to Hotel Salud; 14% of whom have been referred from a hospital and the rest from home. A total of 306 standardized care plans have been registered. The professionals who work at Hotel Salud have made a great effort to adapt to the creation of new healthcare teams in an unprecedented environment.

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